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Puzzle (Lithuania)

2 December Saturday 11:00 | 13:00
MSGSÜ Çağdaş Dans Anasanat Dalı Şebnem Selışık Aksan Sahnesi

Choreography by: Birute Baneviciute • Music by: Rasa Dikciene
Lights by: Aurelijus Davidavicius • Consultant: Ingrida Gerbutaviciute • Dancers: Marius Pinigis, Agne Ramanauskaite, Mantas Stabacinskas

“Puzzle” offers a fun experiences for babies, children and their accompanying adults.

How does the world look to small child? Is it round or angular, is it yellow or blue? Is it rectangular, green, hollow, or soft? Child psychologists have discovered that in their earliest years children learn through reacting to a variety of geometric shapes and colours.

“Puzzle” is a colourful dance performance in which you can see all the developmental stages of a child. Dancers present those stages of development such as; crawling, jumping, walking, running, applauding, hiding and at times recognisable as carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and sometimes flowers.

0-3 years45 minutes

Language No Problem

Previously shown in
Germany, USA, Albania, Belgium, Britain, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Ukraine.

Best Children Performance by: Lithuanian Ministry of Culture