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Otobüs Duraginda Uc Bencil

Three Selfish At The Bus Stop (Turkey)

2 December Saturday 12:00 | 14:00
Kozzy Kültür Merkezi Gönül Ülkü ve Gazanfer Özcan Sahnesi

Written by: Özer Tunca • Directed by: Burak Dur
Set Design by: Ali Yenel • Lighting Design: Yakup Çartık Choreography by: Melis Tuzcuoğlu • Music Design by: Uğur Çerkezoğlu • Costume Design by: Sadık Kızılağaç • Assistants: Ayla Kaymak, Emre Sırımsı • Performed by: Hüseyin Durak, Emre Koç, Ercan Koçak

Three modern clowns wait for a bus at the same stop. But they can not escape from missing their bus when they start to argue and obstinate with each other. They have no choice but to wait for the next bus while showing off their skills. Three talented clowns present their best acting skills at “The Three Selfish at The Bus Stop” that it’s ready to make it’s little audience laugh while searching an answer to the question: “What could we change if we could use our time for helping each other and make friends instead of personal interest, stubbornness and conflict?”

4 years and above35 minutes


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