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Short Animation Movies

Short Animation Movies

25 November Saturday - 2 December Saturday 12:00 | 14:00 ● Uniq İstanbul Sinema

2 December Saturday - 3 December Sunday 11:00 | 13:00 ● Kozzy Kültür Merkezi Konferans Salonu

A special selection of short animation movies from Ladat Studios / Balear Islands University which was previously shown at the Bologna Book Fair, is in Turkey for the first time!

Slow Food
Director: Daniel Rico, Cati Serra, Daniel Ciero, Munir Callaos
A famished vulture discovers a thirsty and exhausted gazelle. Trying to take advantage of its ingenuity, the vulture tries to eat the gazelle through tricks and deceit.

Strawberry Pie
Director: Antonio Reyna
One day, a youngster who lives on the top of a mountain discovers that he has a new neighbour. Without thinking about it twice, he tries to welcome her, in spite of the difficulties.

The Seed of Remembrance
Director: Renato Roldán
History tells us that what is never forgotten lives forever.

In Diapers
Director: Antonio Pol
The characters in this story, a toddler and a monkey, recreate the efforts of the human mind to make the most of the means available to it.

Bungle in the Jungle
Director: Daniel Rico, Cati Serra, Daniel Ciero, Munir Callaos
This is a chasing story, where a young bounty hunter tries to catch his quarry who, unaware of the danger, always gets away from his meticulous but clumsy traps.

The Show
Director: Pep Lluís Lladó
There is something strange and mysterious that lurks in Alice’s closet, the Mostrejo. When the girl and the monster face each other, they will get involved in a funny situation in which

Director: Jordi Coll
Grunt lives happily in his house in the outskirts of the big city, until the day when all the litter of the city invades his plot. Then he decides to build a tower with all this rubbish so he can reach the Moon, where he will be able to live in peace.

Director: María Isabel Díez Cabado
A ravenous dinosaur ends up without its food because of its greed.Alice will manage to invert their roles.

Water Path for a Fish
Director: Tomavistas
It’s a starry night in a poor neighbourhood in Latin America. Oscar is sleeping in his room when a sudden wind wakes him up. From his window he sees a little goldfish jumping on a dirty puddle! Two cats are watching from the shadows. Oscar will try to save the goldfish through a rampant adventure full of mysterious challenges in a nighty Latin America, with the lack of water as a backdrop.

4 years and above45 minutes

Language No Problem

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