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Ozgurluge Kacis

Escape to Freedom (Turkey)

22 November Wednesday 18:00 ● Hisar Okulları Kültür Merkezi (Special Event)

25 November Saturday 15:00 ● Uniq Hall İstanbul

Written by: Eşref Karadağ • Directed by: Özer Tunca
Dramaturge by:
Ruteba Tatlı • Set Design by: Mehmet Ali Zeren Mask Design by: Mehmet Yetik Özşimşek & Gizem Karasu Costume Design by: Dilek Kaplan • Movement, Dance, Choreography by: Ozan Yıldırım • Make Up by: Özlem Durmaz Circus and Clown Training by: Alexander Iliev
Lighting Design: Özgür Dokuyucu • Music by: Oktay Köseoğlu Musicians: Abdullah Türkay Uzun, Duygu Dikmen, Koray Akça Performed by: Anıl Şereflioğlu, Burçin Demir Turgut, Başak Özyönüm, Çağatay Çanta, Çağdaş Çobanoğlu, Erhan Özdemir, Harun Dağaşan, İnanç Tartan, Berk Yücesir, Şebnem Yurttutan

A feast for audience from all ages, the play tells the story of a group of hamsters who live in a cage quietly and struggles for their freedom. The cute hamster family waiting to be sold in their cages meets a mouse named Kocagöz who is caught while stealing cheese and put into a cage. Kocagöz, who is accustomed to living freely in the hidden corners of the farm, begins to make escape plans from the moment he enters the cage. Over time, he will include hamsters in his plans and they will find themselves in a fantastic adventure all together.

8 years and above60minutes


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