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iPet (AiiPet) (The Netherlands)

30 November - 5 December ● Various Locations

Director: René Geerlings • iPad Regie: Bram de Goejj
Music by: Wim Conradi
Set and Costume Design by: Marlies Schot
Production Manager: Maartje Nieuwint
Photography by: Kamerich & Budwilowitz EYES 2
Performed by: Dionisio Matias, Sergio Yssel

iPet opens with two children’s entertainers about to start their act. They create balloon animals and do magic tricks by pulling bananas out of iPads, just the way it’s supposed to be. But the magic trick starts to rebel and the iPad turns out to be a cheeky prankster who disrupts the entire show. Eventually, no one knows who controls who anymore.

Look around you. Everyone is probably staring at an image on a screen, and it seemscompletely normal. But if you’re constantly being kept busy by a computer, how self sufficient can you grow up? Can you stay smart if you don’t have to think for yourself anymore? Is the iPad making the world a smaller, or a bigger place? iPet is a hilarious performance for the youngest audience, without the chit-chat but with music, magic and movement.

BonteHond makes cheeky, accessible theatre for young audiences and public who feel young.

5 years and above40 minutes

Language no problem

Previously shown in
Germany, Austria, Belgium, Britain, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy.